Prof. Dr. Jana Friedrichsen

Porträtfoto Jana Friedrichsen
WZB / David Ausserhofer


Reichpietschufer 50
D-10785 Berlin
Former Staff Member of the Research Department


since 2020
Researcher at the WZB Economics of Change Department

seit 2017
Member of the Collaborative Research Center TRR 190 Rationality and Competition

seit 2013
Resarcher of the Microeconomics Research Group, Humboldt University Berlin

Researcher at the DIW Berlin, Competition and Consumers Department, and head of the junior research group Global Food Markets

Researcher at the WZB, Market Behavior Department

PhD in Economics, University of Mannheim

Researcher at the Chair of Economic Policy, University of Mannheim

PhD studies at the Center for Doctoral Studies in Economics, University of Mannheim

Diploma in Economics, Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel

Selected Publications

The Leniency Rule Revisited: Experiments on Cartel Formation with Open Communication, International Journal of Industrial Organization (with Maximilian Andres and Lisa Bruttel), forthcoming.

All-pay competition with captive consumers, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 75, March 2021, 102709 (with Renaud Foucart).

Social Status Concerns and the Political Economy of Publicly Provided Private Goods, The Economic Journal, Vol. 131, Issue 633, January 2021, pp. 220–246 (with Tobias König and Tobias Lausen).

Social Image Concerns and Welfare Take-up, Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 168, December 2018, S. 174-192 (with Tobias König und Renke Schmacke).

Who Cares about Social Image?, European Economic Review, Vol. 110, November 2018, S. 61-77 (with Dirk Engelmann).

Political Support in Hard Times:  Do People Care about National Welfare?, European Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 35, September 2014, S. 23–37 (with Philipp Zahn).