Dr. Judith Kas

Judith Kas


Former Staff Member of the Research Department

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the unit of Migration, Integration and Transnationalization at WZB. I work with Merlin Schaeffer on the project 'The association between actual and perceived discrimination' (APAX).

In February 2021, I obtained my PhD in Sociology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. In my dissertation, I studied trust and discrimination in the peer-to-peer platform economy. I specifically looked at the role of reputation systems.


Research fields

Experimental sociology | Trust, reputation and discrimination



Kas, Judith (2022): "The Effect of Online Reputation Systems on Intergroup Inequality". In: Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Vol. 96, 101800. (vorab online publiziert 26.11.2021)

Judith Kas, Joyce Delnoij, Rense Corten, Paolo Parigi (forthcoming). Trust spillovers in the sharing economy: Does international Airbnb experience foster cross-national trust? Journal of Consumer Behavior.


Judith Kas, Rense Corten, Arnout van de Rijt (2021). The role of reputation systems in digital discrimination. Socio-Economic Review.

Judith Kas, David. J. Hardisty, Michel Handgraaf (2021). Steady steps versus sudden shifts: Cooperation in (a)symmetric linear and step-level social dilemmas. Judgment and Decision Making, 16 (1), 142-164.


Judith Kas, Rense Corten, Arnout van de Rijt (2020). Reputations in mixed-role markets: a theory and an experimental test. Social Science Research, 85, 102336.