Matthias Kranke


Former Visiting Researcher of the Research Unit


Matthias Kranke was a Visiting Researcher at teh WZB unit Global Governance from July to September 2016. His research focuses broadly on questions of International Political Economy, specifically the interactions between international organisations in global governance. In his PhD project at the University of Warwick and during his time at the WZB, he examined processes of institutional change in the collaboration between the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

Selected Publications

Yarrow, David/ Kranke, Matthias: The Performativity of Sports Statistics: Towards a Research Agenda. In: Journal of Cultural Economy 9(5): 445–457.

Eimer, Thomas R./ Kranke, Matthias (2015): Teaching the Transnationalization of Politics: Participant Observation of Public Events. In: International Studies Perspectives 16(2): 127–41.

Kranke, Matthias (2015): Of Gardens and Gates in (International Political Economy: A Rejoinder. In: Millennium: Journal of International Studies 43(2): 741–742.

Kranke, Matthias (2014): Which “C” Are You Talking About? Critical Meets Cultural IPE (review article). In: Millennium: Journal of International Studies 42(3): 897–907.

Lütz, Susanne/ Kranke, Matthias (2014): The European rescue of the Washington Consensus? EU and IMF lending to Central and Eastern European countries. In: Review of International Political Economy 21(2): 310–338.