Dr. Robert Gorwa

Robert Gorwa
David Ausserhofer


robert.gorwa [at] wzb.eu
Bei der Forschungsgruppe "Globalisierung, Arbeit und Produktion"
Reichpietschufer 50
D-10785 Berlin
E 418
Research Fellow of the Research Group
Research Fellow of the Research Group

Research fields

Technology Policy | Transnational Regulation | International Political Economy

Robert Gorwa did graduate work in media and communication/internet studies (MSc) and politics and international relations (DPhil) in Oxford before joining the WZB as one of its Digitization Postdocs. He conducts interdisciplinary empirical and conceptual research on various dimensions of technology policy, with a special interest in emerging socio-technical governance infrastructures and institutions in the platform economy. Since moving to Berlin, he has been organizing the WZB's Platform Politics and Policy Seminar series, coordinating the Platform Governance Research Network (PlatGovNet), and completing the research for his first book (forthcoming in 2024 with Oxford University Press).   

More information about Robert's publications, writing, and affiliations can be found at his personal website, via Scholar, and on Mastodon.

Selected Publications

Michael Veale, Kira Matus, Robert Gorwa (2023): AI and Global Governance: Modalities, Rationales, Tensions. Annual Review of Law and Social Science 19 (2): 1-21.

Robert Gorwa (2022): Who Are the Stakeholders in Platform Governance? Yale Journal of Law & Technology 24: 493-509.

Robert Gorwa (2021): Elections, Institutions, and the Regulatory Politics of Platform Governance: The Case of the German NetzDG. Telecommunications Policy 45 (6), 102145.

Robert Gorwa, Reuben Binns, Christian Katzenbach (2020): Algorithmic Content Moderation: Technical and Political Challenges in the Automation of Platform Governance. Big Data & Society 7 (1).

Robert Gorwa, Timothy Garton Ash (2020): Democratic Transparency in the Platform Society. In Social Media and Democracy: The State of the Field and Prospects for Reform, edited by Nate Persily and Josh Tucker. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.

Robert Gorwa, Anton Peez (2020):  Big Tech Hits the Diplomatic Circuit: Norm Entrepreneurship, Policy Advocacy, and Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Tech Accord. In Governing Cyberspace: Behavior, Power, and Diplomacy, edited by Dennis Broeders and Bibi van den Berg. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield. 

Robert Gorwa (2019):  The Platform Governance Triangle: Conceptualising the Informal Regulation of Online Content. Internet Policy Review 8 (2). 

Robert Gorwa (2019): What is Platform Governance? Information, Communication & Society 22 (6), 854-871. 

Robert Gorwa, Douglas Guilbeault (2018): Unpacking the Social Media Bot: A Typology to Guide Research and Policy. Policy & Internet, 12 (2), 225-248.