Prof. Susan Olzak

Portrait Foto Prof. Susan Olzak (Foto: privat)
Foto: privat


Former Visiting Researcher of the Research Unit


Since 1991, Susan Olzak has been a Professor of Sociology at Stanford University, where she teaches and does research on ethnic/racial conflict and social movements. She has published The Dynamics of Ethnic Competition and Conflict (1992) and (2006) The Global Dynamics of Race and Ethnic Mobilization, and a number of articles on U.S. race riots, the Equal Rights Amendment, the West German women’s movement, and anti-Apartheid protest in South Africa. She has a recently published article in The American Sociological review (June 2014) on "Prisoners and Paupers." Current research includes analysis of the impact of category-spanning on the lethality of terrorist organizations, anti-immigrant violence in contemporary Western Europe with Ruud Koopmans and Brian Cook, and an NSF-funded project with Sarah A. Soule on the impact environmental protest activity on a variety of outcomes of environmental legislation introduced the U.S. Congress, from 1973-2005. She is also working on a project on the effect of protest on gay and lesbian organizations.