Workshop on the emergence of policy fields


On November 25, 2015, the research group organized a workshop on “The emergence of policy fields: Comparative perspectives and theorization.” The workshop followed the discussion and systematic examination of the emergence of policy fields initiated on the occasion of the annual conference of the DVPW section “Policy Analysis and Administrative Science” in spring 2014.

The workshop took two paths: On the one hand, researchers reported on the history of the emergence of environmental, consumer protection, migration, financial market and network policy and discussed the differences and similarities between these histories. On the other hand, we focused on the theorization of the emergence of policy fields and invited researchers whose theoretical approaches promise a special perspective on such processes of emergence, e.g. from policy and administrative research, institutional theory, politicization research, discourse analysis or relational sociology.

Contact: Maximilian Hösl


The proceedings of the workshop and a summary of the discussions have been published as a WZB Discussion Paper.