Book project: Das verfallene Haus des Islam


The "house of Islam" has become the house of war, terror, economic stagnation and dictatorship in many places. More and more Muslims are fleeing dictatorship and lack of freedom, terror and war, poverty and unemployment to the West - bringing with them not only their culture, but often also the problems of the Islamic world. Ruud Koopmans shows for the first time, on a broad empirical basis and by systematically comparing Muslim and non-Muslim countries and migrant groups, how the Islamic world on the one hand and Muslims in the West on the other are falling further and further behind in terms of democracy, education and economic situation. He describes how Islam has been increasingly dominated for some forty years by fundamentalist currents that restrict women's rights, persecute homosexuals and other minorities, fight secular education and isolate themselves from non-Muslims. At the end of his illuminating book, Koopmans makes it clear that the hope of many Muslims for peace, justice and prosperity can only be fulfilled through a consistent push back against Islamism.   

The book is available in Dutch, Danish and German

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Koopmans, Ruud (2020): Das verfallene Haus des Islam. Die religiösen Ursachen von Unfreiheit, Stagnation und Gewalt. München: C.H. Beck, 288 S.