First Integration Indicator Report


The First Integration Indicator Report „Integration in Germany“ was prepared in 2009 in cooperation with ISG Köln on behalf of the Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration, in order to test and improve an existing set of indicators on integration and to get a first overview on the progress of integration in Germany. The level of integration was measured using 100 indicators on 14 areas of life situation (among others, legal status, education, employment, income, social participation). Results revealed substantive progress of integration in several areas, especially among the second generation of migrants. Nevertheless, migrants are still disadvantaged in nearly all areas (except health) when compared to natives. The report shows that not all indicators tested proved to be useful. As a result, the participating researchers present recommendations on modifying, pooling and expanding the indicator list. They plead for a differentiated recording of data on migration background in official statistics and national surveys and give methodological advise for future indicator reports.

Research fields

Migration, Integration, and Intercultural Conflicts
Project Management
Dr. Dietrich Engels (ISG Köln, Germany)
Mirjam Martin (ISG Köln, Germany); Friedrich Scheller (ISG Köln, Germany)
Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration