Statement by the WZB

The WZB has taken note of Professor Keane's open letter, published on the platform X, and his decision contained therein to discontinue his honorary affiliation with the WZB. We regret that a long-standing successful collaboration ends on a low note. The WZB values a collegial, supportive environment, where a diversity of views can be held, and where you can raise unpopular positions without expectations of adverse consequences.

New Research Hub: Lab²

Levent Neyse and Anna Dreber
Maximilian Peukert

In order to make research practices more transparent and improve scientific standards, WZB researcher Levent Neyse and Anna Dreber Almenberg are launching the "Lab²" project at the WZB. Lab² establishes an international network of experimental laboratories that carry out replication and meta-science studies. The Leibniz Association is funding the project with one million euros.

Two Logics of Autocratic Rule

David Ausserhofer

In his book "The Two Logics of Autocratic Rule" WZB researcher Johannes Gerschewski addresses the stability of autocracies and identifies three conditions for the survival of autocracies.

Tyranny of the Minority

In their new book, WZB Director Daniel Ziblatt and his co-author Steven Levitsky analyse strategies of the political right and where there is a need for reform of the American constitution.

Dahrendorf Panel: Europe in a Changing World

On November 23, WZB Director Michael Zürn and Timothy Garton Ash are welcoming international scholars and guests to the Dahrendorf Panel at the WZB. They will discuss the first findings and conclusions of the project “Europe in a Changing World”. The project investigates the mutual perceptions and relations of China, India, Russia, Turkey and the U.S. – the five CITRUS countries – with Europe. The event will also be available to watch via livestream.

Advisory Board Meeting – and two farewells

After three days of intensive discussions, the WZB Scientific Advisory Board concluded this year's meeting with its feedback to the reviewed departments. Special thanks were expressed particularly to Christine Landfried, who is at the end of her term stepping down as chair of the board.

WZB talk on Zero Sum Thinking

A week after being awarded the A.SK Bright Mind Award at the WZB, Harvard economist Stefanie Stantcheva will give a WZB Talk on the origins and implications of zero-sum thinking - the belief that gains for one individual or group tend to come at the cost of others. Join us on Tuesday, November 21st at 2 pm.

A.SK Social Science Award 2023 for outstanding research

In a moving prize ceremony Economist Daron Acemoglu was honoured with the A.SK Social Science Award 2023. Filiz Garip and Stefanie Stantcheva have received “A.SK Bright Mind Awards”.

A.SK Bright Mind Awards

This year, for the first time, the work of two younger social researchers will be honoured alongside the A.SK Social Science Award. Migration researcher Filiz Garip and economist Stefanie Stantcheva will receive the A.SK Bright Mind Awards at the WZB on November 14.

Friends of the WZB Award

Congratulations! Gesine Höltmann and Benjamin Edelstein are this year's winners of the Friends of the WZB Award.