Karl W. Deutsch Visiting Professor

Welcome, Youngjoo Cha

Youngjoo Cha is the new Karl W. Deutsch Visiting Professor at the WZB. She is Associate Professor of Sociology at Indiana University-Bloomington. Her research interests are in gender, work, family, occupations and organizations. 

Youngjoo Cha's major line of research investigates how the trend toward long work hours reinforces gender inequality, and what organizational and institutional conditions help to change this trend. Her other research examines the effect of marriage and parenthood on the gender pay gap, the role of Asian stereotypes on the labor market outcomes for Asian women and men in the U.S., and conditions under which discrimination lawsuits can undermine workplace inequality.

She will spend her visiting professorship at the WZB’s research area Dynamics of Social InequalitiesDuring her time at WZB, Youngjoo will conduct her new study that identifies institutional, cultural, and organizational conditions that promote temporal flexibilities (e.g., paid time-off, flextime, telework) and reduce the stigma of using these policies. She plans to conduct original employee surveys using a web-based probability-based sample in three countries (Germany, South Korea, and the United States).

Each year, the WZB hosts a Karl W. Deutsch visiting professor. This visiting professorship was initiated in memory of the great political and social scientist. Social scientists who excel in their scientific achievements or have promising research ideas in the field of Karl W. Deutsch’s own research interests, are invited to the WZB.