Dr. Ruta Yemane

Portrait Foto Ruta Yemane (David Ausserhofer)
David Ausserhofer


Former Staff Member of the Research Department


Ruta Yemane is a research fellow at the DeZIM Institute and a guest researcher at the Wissenschaftszentrum für Sozialforschung, Berlin in the migration, integration and transnationalization research unit. Her research focuses on discrimination and racism, intersectionality, and stereotypes. Most of her work relies on experimental methods, including field experiments.

Selected Publications

Veit, S., Arnu, H., Di Stasio, V.,Yemane, R. & Coenders, M. (forthcoming). The Big Twoin hiring discrimination: Evidence from a cross-national field experiment. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Yemane, R. (2020). Cumulative disadvantage? The role of race compared to ethnicity, religion, and non-white phenotype in explaining hiring discrimination in the U.S. labour market. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility.

Kotzur, P. F., Veit, S., Namyslo, A., Holthausen, M.-A., Wagner, U., & Yemane, R. (2020). „Society thinks they are cold and/or incompetent, but I do not“: Stereotype content ratings depend on instructions and the social group’s location in the stereotype content space. British Journal of Social Psychology.  https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/bjso.12375

Koopmans, R., Veit, S. & Yemane, R. (2019). Taste or Statistics? A Correspondence Study of Ethnic, Racial and Religious Labour-Market Discrimination in Germany. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 42 (16), S. 233-252.

Yemane R., & Fernandez-Reino, M. (2019). Latinos in the United States and in Spain: The impact of ethnic group stereotypes on labour market outcomes. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

Thijssen, L., Lancee B., Veit, S., & Yemane, R. (2019). Discrimination against Turkish Minorities in Germany and the Netherlands: Field experimental evidence on the effect of diagnostic information on labour market outcomes. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

Di Stasio, V., Lancee B., Veit S. & Yemane R. (2019). Muslim by default or religious discrimination? Results from a set of harmonized field experiments. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

Lancee, B., Birkelund, G., Coenders, M., Di Stasio, V., Fernández Reino, M., Heath, A., Koopmans, R., Larsen, E., Polavieja, J., Ramos, M., Thijssen, L., Veit, S., Yemane, R., & Zwier, D. (2019). The GEMM study: A cross-national harmonized field experiment on labour market discrimination: Technical report.  

Koopmans, R., Veit, S. & Yemane, R. (2018). Andere Werte, weniger Chancen: Kulturelle Distanz erklärt Diskriminierung auf dem Arbeitsmarkt. WZB-Mitteilungen,160, S. 10-13.

Koopmans, R., Veit, S. & Yemane, R. (2018). Ethnische Hierarchien in der Bewerberauswahl: Ein Feldexperiment zu den Ursachen von Arbeitsmarktdiskriminierung . WZB Discussion Paper, SP IV 2018-104. Berlin: WZB.

Veit, S. & Yemane, R. (2018). The ADIS study: A large-scale correspondence test on labor market discrimination in Germany - Technical Report. WZB Discussion Paper, SP IV 2018-103. Berlin: WZB.

Yemane, Ruta (2017). Kategorien. Die Geister, die wir riefen. In: Neue Deutsche Organisationen (Hg.): Gleich/Ungleich, S. 56-58.

Schneider, Jan/ Yemane, Ruta/ Weinmann, Martin 2014: Diskriminierung am Ausbildungsmarkt- Ausmaß, Ursachen und Handlungsperspektiven. SVR-Forschungsbereich, Berlin.

Schneider, Jan/Yemane, Ruta 2014: Ethnische Diskriminierung –Störfaktor im Integrationsprozess, in: Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte, 13–14/2014, 15-21.


Inequalities in Health Care Access
Leitung:  Jan Paul Heisig, Jianghong Li, Dr. Susanne Veit, Ruta Yemane
Lauftzeit: 01/2020 - 12(/2020
Förderung: WZB 

Stereotypes about immigrants: Warmth and Competence or Agency and Progressive Beliefs?
Leitung: Dr. Susanne Veit, Ruta Yemane
Laufzeit: seit 2017
Förderung: WZB

ARBEIT: Die Rolle von Diskriminierung für die Arbeitsmarktintegration von jungen Personen mit Migrationshintergrund
Head: Prof. Dr. Herbert Brücker, Prof. Dr. Frank Kalter, Prof. Dr. Ruud Koopmans
Staff: Ruta Yemane, David Kretschmer
Duration: 2018-2019
Funding: BMFSFJ

Ethnic Discrimination on the Labor Market in Comparative Perspective

Duration: 2013- 2018
Funding: WZB
Duration: 2015- 2018
Funding: Horizon 2020 of the European Commission