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 Yasemin Soysal
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Research Professor

Yasemin Soysal is Research Professor of Global Sociology at WZB, Professor of Sociology at the Free University of Berlin, and a leading Principal Investigator of the SCRIPTS Cluster of Excellence. Her research brings global and sociologicalinstitutional perspectives into the study of the historical development and current reconfigurations of nation-state and citizenship, with a specific interest in the diffusion, enactment, contradictions and contestations of global cultural frameworks. 


1999 -2021
Professor | Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology; (and Associate, Center for Human Rights and Center for Migration Studies), University of Essex

John L. Loeb Associate Professor | Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology (and Associate, Center for International Affairs and Center for European Studies), Harvard University

Ph.D. Sociology, Stanford University, California

The Future of Liberal Citizenship: The Script of Agentic Individual, Its Comparative Enacments and Contestations
Duration: since 2021
Funding: WZB

Linked Publications: 

Comparing Agentic Meritocratic Citizenship in Europe and China: A Research Note (with H. Cebolla Boado).  WZB Discussion Paper SP IV 101, 2023

What is the relationship of meritocracy and the liberal script? SCRIPTS Arguments, 2022

What is the relation between collective and individual self-determination in the liberal script? SCRIPTS Arguments, 2022

Institutional underpinnings, global reach, and the future of ordinal citizenship, Response to Marion Fourcade, "Ordinal Citizenship".  The British Journal of Sociology 72 (2): 174–180, 2021.

Citizenship’s double-edged sword: Locating liberalism and illiberalism in citizenship, The International Journal of Constitutional Law 18 (4): 1519–1522, 2021.

Who needs mobility without Human Rights? Global Citizenship Observatory, EUI, 2021.

Citizenship, immigration, and the European Social Project: Rights and obligations of individuality, The British Journal of Sociology 63 (1): 1-21, 2012

Individuality, sociological Institutionalism, and continuing Inequalities: A Response to commentators, The British Journal of Sociology 63 (1): 47-53, 2012

Scientists on the Move
Duration: since 2020
Funding: British Academy
Global Outlooks: Mapping the Pathways, Strategies, and Models of Internationalization in Higher Education
Duration: 2017-2019
Funding: British Academy


Linked Publications:
Meritocracy or Reputation? The Role of Rankings in the Sorting of International Students Across Universities (with R. Baltaru and H. Cebolla Boado). Globalisation, Societies and Education, 2022 DOI: 10.1080/14767724.2022.2070131

University as the producer of knowledge, and economic and societal value: the 20th and twenty-first century transformations of the UK higher education system (with R. Baltaru), European Journal of Higher Education 11 (3): 312–328, 2021.

Administrators in Higher Education: Organizational Expansion in a Transforming Institution (with R. Baltaru), Higher Education 76 (2): 213–292, 2018

“Bright Futures”: A Comparative Survey Study of Higher Education Student Mobilities
Duration: 2016-2020
Funding: UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), German Research Foundation (DFG), and Chinese National Science Foundation (CNSF)


Linked Publications:

Selectivity Among Educational Migrants? A Multi-sited Investigation (with H. Cebolla Boado). Chinese Sociological Review, 2023. DOI: 10.1080/21620555.2023.2249589

Transnationalization of Educational Aspirations: Evidence from China (with H. Cebolla Boado). Sociological Review Online, 2023.DOI:

Observing the Unobservable: Selectivity and Agentic Individuality Among Higher Education Students in China and Europe (with H. Cebolla Boado), Frontiers in Sociology 5:9, 2020.

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Why study abroad? Sorting of Chinese students across British universities (with H. Cebolla Boado and Y. Hu), British Journal of Sociology of Education 39 (3): 365–380, 2018.

Schooling Success and Life-Course Expectations: A Survey Study of Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Origin Youth in Spain
Duration: 20112016
Funding: Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness


Linked Publications:
It is all about ‘Hope’: evidence on the immigrant optimism paradox(with H. Cebolla Boado and A. Gonzales Ferrer), Ethnic and Racial Studies 44 (2): 252–271, 2020.

The Nation, Region-building and Globalization: A Longitudinal and Comparative Study of School Curricula and Textbooks
Duration: 2010-2015
Funding: UK Economic and Social Research Council and the Research Grant Council of Hong Kong


Linked Publications:
Transnational Trajectories in East Asia: Nation, Citizenship, and Region (edited by Yasemin Nuhoglu Soysal), 2106. Routledge.

Mapping the Terrain of Transnationalization: Nation, Citizenship, and Region. In Transnational Trajectories in East Asia: Nation, Citizenship, and Region, Yasemin Nuhoglu Soysal (ed.), Routledge, 2016.

Citizenship as a National and Transnational Enterprise: How Education Shapes Regional and Global Relevance, (with S. Y. Wong). In Transnational Trajectories in East Asia: Nation, Citizenship, and Region, Yasemin Nuhoglu Soysal (ed.), Routledge.

 Re-conceptualizing the Republic: Diversity and Education in France, 1945-2008 (with S. Szakacs), Journal of Interdisciplinary History 41 (1): 97115, 2010.

Rethinking Nation-state Identities in Europe
Duration: 20002005
Funding: UK Economic and Social Research Council, Leverhulme Trust, British Academy


Linked Publications:
The Nation, Europe, and the World: Curricula and Textbooks in TransitionHanna Schissler and Yasemin Nuhoglu Soysal, eds., Berghahn, 2005.

 Teaching beyond the National Narrative, in The Nation, Europe, and the World: Textbooks and Curricula in Transition, H. Schissler and Y. Nuhoglu Soysal (eds.), Berghahn, 2005.

 Locating Europe, European Societies 4(3): 265-284, 2002.