Prof. Yasemin Soysal, Ph.D.

 Yasemin Soysal
Valerie Schmidt


yasemin.soysal [at]
Lina Hayek
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Yasemin Soysal is Research Professor of Global Sociology at WZB, University Professor at the Free University of Berlin, and the Deputy Co-director and a leading Principal Investigator of the SCRIPTS Cluster of Excellence. Her research brings global and sociologicalinstitutional perspectives into the study of the historical development and current reconfigurations of nation-state and citizenship, with a specific interest in the diffusion, enactment, contradictions, and contestations of global cultural frameworks.

Soysal received her PhD at Stanford University, held prior academic appointments at Harvard University and the University of Essex, UK, and has been a recipient of several fellowships, including German Marshall Fund, National Academy of Education, National Endowment of Humanities, Jean Monnet EUI, Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin, and Niklas Luhmann Distinguished Professorship, Bielefeld.  She is a former president of the European Sociological Association.