Data Portal on Political Conflict and Democracy in Europe (PolDem)


The project aims to build and operate an interactive Observatory for Political Conflict in Electoral and Protest Politics in Europe (PolDem). The European University Institute (EUI) and the Center for Civil Society Research jointly run the project. It is coordinated by Swen Hutter and Hanspeter Kriesi. The aim is to provide scholars and the broader public with continuously updated data on Europe's most important issues and actors in electoral and protest politics.

The core of PolDem is data on election campaigns in 15 European countries and on protest events in 30 European countries obtained by coding media coverage. Both datasets are based on earlier research projects of the coordinators of the data portal (particularly the DFG- and SNF-funded project "Political Change in Demarcated Spaces" and the ERC-funded project "Political Conflict in Europe in the Shadow of the Great Recession" POLCON).

The data and documentation can be downloaded at