Prof. Dr. Elmar Schlüter

Portrait Foto Prof. Dr. Elmar Schlüter (David Ausserhofer)
David Ausserhofer


Former Staff Member of the Research Department

Research fields

Methods of comparative empirical social research | Social integration of migrants | Interethnic conflicts and discrimination


since 10/2012 University Professor of Sociology, focus on international comparative social research methods, Justus-Liebig University Giessen, Institute of Sociology   Hompage 

2011 2012  Junior Professor in Sociology at the Research Institute for Sociology at the Economics and Social Sciences Faculty of the University of Cologne

04/2008 – 02/2011 Senior Researcher, Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB) 

01/2008 – 03/2008 Researcher, Chair for empirical methods for Social Research and Applied Sociology, University of Mannheim

05/2007– 12/2007 Post Doctoral Scholarship, Philipps-Universität Marburg 10/2007 Ph.D. (Dr. rer. soc.), Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

03/2004 – 03/2007 Doctoral Scholarship, German Research Foundation (DFG) Graduate school, "Group focused enmity: Causes, phenomenology, consequences" 01/2003 –  02/2004 Researcher, Center for Conflict Studies, Philipps-Universität Marburg 12/2002 Diploma in Sociology, Philipps-Universität Marburg

Selected Publications

Schlueter, E. (2011): "Interethnic Friendships of Immigrants with Host Society Members: Revisiting the Role of Ethnic Residential Segregation." In: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (accepted for publication).

Special Issue: Survey Experiments. Methodology, 6(3) (in Druck) (Ed. with Peter Schmidt).

The Relationship between Outgroup Size and Anti-Outgroup Attitudes: A Theoretical Synthesis and Empirical Test of Group Threat and Intergroup Contact Theory. Social Science Research, 39(2): 285-295 (with P. Scheepers).

Disentangling the Causal Relations of Perceived Group Threat and Outgroup Derogation: Cross-national Evidence from German and Russian Panel Surveys. European Sociological Review, 24(5): 567-581 (with P. Schmidt, U. Wagner).

Regional Differences Matter: Examining the Dual Influence of the Regional Size of the Immigrant Population on Derogation of Immigrants in Europe. International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 49(2-3): 153-173 (with U. Wagner).

Social and Political Context Effects on Intergroup Contact and Intergroup Attitudes. In: Wagner, U., Tropp, L., Finchilescu, G. & Tredoux, C. (Eds.): Improving Intergroup Relations: Building on the Legacy of Thomas F. Pettigrew. Oxford: Blackwell  (with U. Wagner, O. Christ, C. Wolf, R. van Dick, J. Stellmacher, A. Zick).


Ethnic diversity and attitudes towards immigrants: Evidence for threat or contact effects?
Staff: Dr. Elmar Schlüter, Ulrich Wagner (Marburg University), Peer Scheepers (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Duration: 2009-2010
Funding: WZB

Mass media influences on anti-immigrant attitudes
Staff: Dr. Elmar Schlüter, Eldad Davidov (University of Zurich)
Duration: Since 2009
Funding: WZB

Political parties and anti-immigrant prejudice in Europe: A cross-national comparative approach
Staff: Dr. Elmar Schlüter, Dr. Marc Helbling
Duration: Since 2010
Funding: WZB

Examining the role of immigration policies in explaining perceived ethnic threat: A multilevel approach
Staff: Dr. Elmar Schlüter, Bart Meuleman (University of Ghent), Eldad Davidov (University of Zurich)
Duration: Since 2010
Funding: WZB

Cultural consequences of interethnic contact
Staff: Dr. Elmar Schlüter
Duration: since June 2010
Funding: WZB

Interethnic contact and residential segregation
Staff: Dr. Elmar Schlüter, Johannes Ullrich (Goethe-University Frankfurt), Peter Schmidt (Philipps-University Marburg)
Duration: Since 2009
Funding: University of Giessen

Six Country Immigrant Integration Comparative Survey (SCIICS)
Staff: Prof. Dr. Ruud Koopmans, Evelyn Ersanilli (University of Oxford), Sarah Carol, Fenella Fleischmann, Dr. Marc Helbling, Jutta Höhne, Zuhal Kavacik, Dr. Ines Michalowski, Merlin Schaeffer, Dr. Elmar Schlüter,Dr. Céline Teney, Susanne Veit
Duration: 2008-2012
Funding: WZB