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The civic engagement of citizens for the common good and the activities of civil society organizations are key structural components of civil society. The research carried out by our team focuses on both of these dimensions: first, we analyze the current structures, resources, and immediate effects of the civic engagement of citizens, and, second, we investigate the boundaries and long-term effects of civic engagement and the activities of civil society organizations.
The individual nature and interaction of the two structural components constitute the core focus of our third-party-funded projects “Transformation of third sector organizations and their influence on labor and employment relationships” and “Young people in civil society organizations” that were completed in 2013.
Another focus of the projects is the empirical analysis of the donation behavior of the German population.

photo: ZENG
photo: ZENG
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Discussion Papers

SP V 2014-301
Marleen Thürling
Genossenschaften im Dritten Sektor:
Situation, Potentiale und Grenzen

SP V 2013-305
Christine Blome/Eckhard Priller
Entwicklungspolitisches bürgerschaftliches Engagement
Ein Beitrag zur Schärfung der Definition

SP V 2013-304
C. Schmeißer/E. Priller/
F. Paul/C.J. Poldrack

Entwicklungspolitisches Engagement
Perspektiven gemeinnütziger Organisationen

SP V 2013-303
E. Priller/M. Alscher/
P.J. Droß/F. Paul/
C.J. Poldrack/C. Schmeißer

Zur Situation, zu den Leistungen und sozialen Effekten von Dritte-Sektor-Organisationen im Land Brandenburg

SP V 2013-302
Claudia Schmeißer
Die Arbeitswelt des Dritten Sektors

SP V 2013–301
Patrick J. Droß (unter Mitarbeit von Clemens J. Poldrack)
Ökonomisierungstrends im Dritten Sektor

SP IV 2012-402
E. Priller/M. Alscher/P. J. Droß/F. Paul/C. J. Poldrack/C. Schmeißer/
N. Waitkus

Dritte-Sektor-Organisationen heute