Protest survey in the conflict over "Stuttgart 21"


In 2010, Stuttgart witnessed a major protest wave against the construction of an underground railway station. Despite the local character of the conflict about “Stuttgart 21”, there has been nationwide news coverage of the protests and public debates about consequences for civic participation and the democratic culture in Germany. Journalists and other observers speculated about the social and demographic background of the protesters, about their motivations, and their self-perception as citizens. In a survey at one of the regular Monday demonstrations (N=858) these questions were addressed in a systematic and reliable way.

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Baumgarten, Britta (2010): "Die neue alte Bürgerbewegung. SozialforscherInnen haben untersucht, wer gegen das Großprojekt Stuttgart 21 protestiert und warum". In: Umwelt aktuell, H. 12/01, S. 2-3.