Subsidiaries of multinational automobile enterprises in India


A common view is that when multinational enterprises set up subsidiaries, organization, industrial relations and human resources in a subsidiary will be more or less hybrid phenomena. This refers to a fairly wide and ambiguous field of characteristics and does not explain much. As a result of this study of multinational automobile companies in India, it is possible to see that organization and human resources depend on the market segment concerned, the cultural and institutional distance between the country of origin and the host country, vertical integration of the subsidiary, and the presence of a supranational production concept within the larger multinational enterprise. It is important to see that the transfer of supranational templates and adaptation to local institutions may coexist side by side. There are also changes over time, dependent on national policies and politics.

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Becker-Ritterspach, Florian, Hybridization of MNE Subsidiaries: The Automotive Sector in India, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009, 302.