Book: Health Policy

Health policy means more than governance and funding of universal health care. It aims to improve population health and health services. This book analyses institutions, standards, players, and employment of resources with a view to their actual and potential contribution to health policy understood as social management of health risks before and after the event – i.e. to prevention and health care. Combining approaches from sociology, political science, and health sciences this modern and systematic treatment covers various aspects of the issues involved with special regard to efficiency and equality of opportunity. Topics include:

  • History and types of health policy
  • Prevention and health promotion
  • Health care (out-patient and in-patient care, supply and availability of pharmaceuticals and medicines)
  • Nursing and care
  • Current problems of health policy governance.

The new edition considers all changes introduced by the new Statutory Health System Modernisation Act and contains a new chapter on European health policy.     

Contents (German)