Dual Citizenship
Simone Moore-Unsplash
Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2019

Polycivitas: Can You have a “Home” in Multiple Countries?

Over the past decade, more states have recognized multiple citizenship. Since the 19th century, the concept has evolved from being politically and socially reviled to instrumentally desirable. This reality brings about new dilemmas: Does polycivitas resemble polygamy and polyethism, or, is it more similar to multiple parental relationships? Is the problem of polycivitas the “poly” or the contemporary concept of civitas?

Please join us in a challenging discussion on dual nationality from across policy, legal, and social-psychological perspectives.

Peter Spiro (Temple Law School)

Jules Lepoutre (EUI),
Ashley Mantha-Hollands (WZB),
Ursula Moffitt (University of Potsdam)

Chair: Liav Orgad (IDC Herzliya, EUI, WZB)

This roundtable is organized by the research group International Citizenship Law (ICLAW).


Our event location is wheelchair-accessible. If you need support, please e-mail: veranstaltungen [at] wzb.eu