CO:STA Sessions

The Colloquium for Statistical Analyses [CO:STA] is a forum to discuss quantitative methods that we apply in our research. Reflecting the set-up of the WZB, particular applications include examples from political science, economics and sociology. The colloquium is open to all WZB researchers as well as to external guests. Our newsletter informs about upcoming sessions.

Specifically, CO:STA hosts the following activities:

Workshops and presentations focusing on statistical methods and tools.

A reading group to work together through recent textbooks focusing on quantitative methods.

A speaker series with external guests but open to everyone willing to receive feedback with special emphasis of methodological issues

If you wish to present and discuss your research at CO:STA, if you have suggestions for interesting topics that should be covered, or if you wish to be registered for the newsletter – feel free to drop an e-mail to the CO:STA team!

Upcoming CO:STA Sessions
Past CO:STA Sessions
22 July 2022

Workshop "Meta-analysis"
Gunnar Lemmer (Philipps University Marburg)

5 May 2022

Workshop "Data Management for Social Scientists - From Files to Databases"
Nils Weidmann (University of Konstanz)

17 February 2022

Framing a Protest: Determinants and Effects of Visual Frames
Michelle Torres (Rice University)

1 November 2021

Workshop "RMarkdown: Writing Reproducible Research Papers with R"
Resul Umit (University of Oslo)

10-11 June 2021

Workshop "Working with Spatial Data in R"
Markus Konrad (WZB)

4 June 2021

Clustering of Time Series Using Machine Learning
Johannes Leutgeb (WZB)

20 May 2021

Political and Social Consequences of Qualification Mismatches: A bounding approach to status inconsistency
Jonas Wiedner (WZB)

19 November 2020

Causal Inference and Data-Fusion in Econometrics
Paul Hünermund (Maastricht University)

8 October 2020

Keynote "Social science and the replication crisis"
Andrew Gelman (Columbia University)

24 November 2017

Workshop "Introduction to R"
Arndt Leininger (Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz)

14 September 2017

Workshop "Mediation Analysis in Stata"
Till Kaiser (Ruhr University Bochum)

15 June 2017

Workshop "Decomposition Methods"
Andreas Haupt (KIT)

7 June 2017

Unpacking Configurational Dynamics: Sequence Analysis and QCA as a Mixed Methods Design
Camilla Borgna and Emanuela Struffolino (WZB)

27 March 2017

No Need to Turn Bayesian in Multilevel Analysis with Few Clusters: How Frequentist Methods Provide Unbiased Estimates and Accurate Inference
Jan Paul Heisig (WZB), Martin Elff (Zeppelin University), Merlin Schaffer (University of Cologne), and Susumu Shikano (University of Konstanz)

16 January 2017

Measurement Invariance in cross-cultural and comparative research: Controversies and new procedures
Peter Schmidt (University of Gießen)