19. - 20. Mai 2016

Workshop "The New Economy and Challenges for Family Life"

We have entered into a new economy that is characterized by the intensive use of information and communication technologies which enable globalized production and distribution of goods and services. The new economy is also characterized by rising inequalities and a labor market polarization. This workshop aims to facilitate a scholarly exchange of research on challenges emanating from various aspects of the new economy for the wellbeing of family and children across nations. We hope that the workshop will also serve as a platform for the researchers to explore solutions to any theoretical and methodological issues and potential collaborations, with a view to advance this field of research. The specific research topics include, but are not limited to, the impact of parents’ nonstandard work schedules (shift work), long working hours, working multiple jobs, long commutes to work, and unemployment  on  parental and child wellbeing, divorce and separation, and gender division of labor.