7. - 8. April 2011

Dynamics in World Politics: Scope, Pace, and Direction of International Institutional Change


The workshop’s primary aim is to shift the debate from comparative statistics to models which emphasize the dynamics of international institutional variation and change by focusing on the further development of key insights from historical institutionalism such as (but not limited to) path dependence, unintended consequences, timing and sequencing effects and critical junctures. The issues addressed should be international in character, with an explicit focus on international institutions or the interaction of domestic and international levels.

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Patricia Löffler
loeffler [at] wzb.eu
WZB, Reichpietschufer 50, 10785 Berlin, Raum A 300
7. - 8. April 2011
Beginn 09:30 Uhr
Dr. Thomas Rixen (WZB), Dr. Lora Viola (Freie Universität Berlin), Prof. Dr. Michael Zürn (WZB).