9. - 10. November 2017

Changing Societies – Migration, Integration, Participation

Interdisciplinary workshop on migration, its consequences for societal integration and participation possibilities at the Maison Suger, Paris

Organized within the Franco-German Program “Changing Societies”, together with the WZB Berlin Social Science Center and the Fondation Maison des sciences de l'homme (FMSH), the workshop brings together researchers from different disciplines to work on a central issue of our time: the challenge of migration and its effects on integration and participation.

What are the first hurdles faced by migrants when arriving in a city? How can state policy respond to it? Does the arrival of migrants affect the national social cohesion, and if yes, how with regard to integration and civic participation? What are the main challenges faced by migrants in a foreign country? And how do migration policies concretely affect individuals and their choices? Within the workshop scientists from France and Germany will exchange and develop common projects around these queries.

The exchange will be framed by the following questions: In which fields are France and Germany dealing with the same issues or could apply similar solutions? How are scientists in France and Germany addressing this topic? Where are the similarities, where are the differences and how can a constructive cooperation be designed?