Freitag, 9. September 2016

Is Part-time Precarious? Comparative Study in Germany and Japan

Lecture by Yoko Tanaka

Part-time employment has been increasing in many developed countries. In Germany as well as in Japan, the number of part-time employment has reached one fourth of all the employment, and almost half of the female employments, which means it became a substantial employment form in the society in both countries. While in Germany the number of agency work, limited contract work, and mini-jobs have been recently relatively decreasing and only part-time employments (except mini-job) with various working hours continue to increase, in Japan all these atypical employment forms have not ceased to rise.
In her presentation Yoko Tanaka will examine how the labor conditions of part-time work are completely different in Germany and Japan, although the statistical data show the very similarities between the two countries.

Yoko Tanaka is Professor at the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba, currently she is a Research Fellow at re:work, International Graduate Program (IGK), Humboldt University Berlin