21. - 22. März 2017

Savoir-vivre! New Challenges for Work and Family Life in Germany and France

Franco-German Conference

The (de-)regulation of employment, the challenges of reconciling work and family life, and the processes of inclusion and exclusion on the labor market have been key topics in the social sciences in France and Germany for many years. However, little attention has been paid to direct comparisons and transfer analyses across national boundaries. The conference will therefore open a binational dialogue to find answers to the following questions: What are the central changes, transformations, and conflicts within the fields of work and family life in Germany and France? What are examples of best practices in both countries? And how can they help us to respond to the new issues of our times?

The annual conference is organized within the Franco-German program “New Frameworks for Societal Policies and Decision Making”.

Sharing the focus on the conditions and quality of paid and unpaid work, the conference is being organized in cooperation with the new Graduate School “Good Work” at the WZB.

The conference report is available here.