Montag, 27. Juni 2011

Transnational Social Movements and the Politicization of International Politics

Lecture by Donatella Della Porta

Social movement studies and international relations have rarely crossed one another’s paths. Social movements have been considered as deeply rooted at the national level, while international relations have confined itself mainly to the arena of nation-states. Recently, however, shifts in both fields have favored more intense interactions. First of all, social movement studies have started to address global movements, their determinants and characteristics. Second, at the international level, not only have transnational relations been brought back in, but phenomena of politicization are also thematized. Social movements are sometimes feared as the main challengers for inter-governmental organizations, but sometimes praised for their potential for democratizing them. Based upon extensive research, that combined qualitative and quantitative methods, the aim of the presentation is to introduce the main mechanisms through which social movements do indeed „politicize“ international politics and also to contribute to the creation of an international order.

Discussant: Dieter Rucht
Moderation: Michael Zürn

Patricia Löffler
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Montag, 27. Juni 2011
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