Picture Attachement and Belonging

Attachment and Belonging: Panel Discussion

In this panel discussion, Alex Aleinikoff (The New School), Jelena Dzankic (EUI), Hiroshi Motomura (UCLA School of Law), Liav Orgad (EUI/WZB/IDC) and Rainer Bauböck (EUI) discuss fundamental dilemmas relating to membership and belonging, genuine ties and instrumental citizenship.

Hiroshi Motomura

Attachment and Belonging: Lecture by Hiroshi Motomura

Hiroshi Motomura holds a lecture on the borders of citizenship from an American perspective, discussing why challenges to U.S. migration policies often take national belonging as their foundation, and why this is both essential and limited as a path to ethical borders.

Sam Schooler

Cloud Communities: The Dawn of Global Citizenship?

The GLOBALCIT debate on the potential and challenges of new technologies for the future of citizenship closes with Liav Orgad's rejoinder 'The Future of Citizenship: Global and Digital'. The debate with all contributions is available here.

Migration Citizenship Democracy II

Workshop at Harvard University: Migration, Citizenship, Democracy

The second meeting of a workshop series is held at Harvard, focusing on 1) Concepts of Mobility and Migration; 2) Citizenship in a Paradigm of Mobility and De-centered States; 3) Global Compacts on Migration and Refugees.

EJFF Call for Papers

Call for Papers European Junior Faculty Forum 2018

The WZB, EUI, and LSE invite submissions to the second European Junior Faculty Forum for Public Law and Jurisprudence to be held on July 12-13, 2018 in Florence, Italy. The Call for Papers closes on May 1st.

German Reichstag
David Cohen

Colloquium with Mathias Risse at the WZB Berlin

ICLAW hosts Mathias Risse, Professor at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, to discuss his paper 'On Movement and Membership, and on Being German in the World Society'.

Global Citizenship BW
Blue Logan

Constitutional Identity in the Age of Global Migration

The German Law Journal publishes its Special Issue on Constitutional Identity in the Age of Global Migration. It was developed in two conferences, is edited by Jürgen Bast and Liav Orgad and available here.

Citiyenship and Technology

European Blockchain Workshop at the EUI in Florence

Participants in this workshop debate the future impact and implications of blockchain technologies on existing governance structures and regulatory regimes.

Varieties of Citizenship

Workshop at the EUI: Varieties of Citizenship in a Globalised World

During the workshop, researchers discuss citizenship regimes; global trends in citizenship policies; and technological opportunities for existing frameworks of citizenship.


Forum 2000 Panel Discussion on Global Identity Crisis in Prague

Roberto Stefan Foa, Jón Gnarr, Senad Šepić, Michael Žantovský and Liav Orgad discuss 'Globalization And Identity Crisis' at the Forum 2000 conference in Prague.

Programme Migration Citizenship Democracy

Workshop at the WZB Berlin: Migration, Citizenship, Democracy

In the first of a series of workshops, participants discuss democracy and citizenship, the changes to the empirical and normative landscape brought about by global migration, and resulting ethical dilemmas.