14. - 15. Juli 2016

Matching Markets: Combining Theory and Applications

International Conference

The WZB is planning an international conference on matching markets. The conference "Matching Markets: Combining Theory and Applications," starting in the morning of July 14, 2016, and ending on July 15, 2016, will take place at the WZB in Berlin. The conference is organized by Inácio Bó (WZB), Rustamdjan Hakimov (WZB) and Dorothea Kübler (WZB).

Matching theory has matured to a point where matching theorists are able to make policy suggestions for real-life markets. The theory is supplemented by experiments and empirical analyses examining how to operate such markets.

The workshop will bring together excellent leading economists from North America, Europe, and Japan to present and discuss their latest research. It will also strengthen the mutual interaction between theory, experiments, and empirical researchers in matching. Finally, the workshop aims to further strengthen the field of matching market design and experimental economics in Berlin, promoting the local researchers of the field and identifying new research perspectives.


Marina Agranov Commitment and (in)efficiency: A bargaining experiment

Estelle Cantillon What drives the wedge between efficiency and stability in school choice?

Li ChenTime-constrained school choice

Yan ChenChinese college admissions reforms: Experimental and empirical evaluations

Umut DurBoston strikes back: Sequential school choice

Lars EhlersStrategy-proof tie-breaking

Yinghua He A Pigouvian approach to congestion in matching markets

Onur KestenA study of Turkish high school admissions

Fuhito KojimaMatching with constraints

Morimitsu KurinoHybrid lung exchange

Joana PaisStatic versus dynamic deferred acceptance in school choice: A laboratory experiment

Juan PereyraSelf-selection in school choice

Olivier Tercieux The design of teacher assignment: Theory and evidence

Bertan TurhanStability, welfare and incentives in partitioned matching markets

Utku ÜnverMulti-donor organ exchange