Global and Comparative Public Law 2018

The Berlin Colloquium focuses on work in progress by leading contemporary scholars of global and comparative public law. The invited guest speakers discuss their work in person with participants. Most contributions concentrate on central concepts and ideas relating to public law (such as sovereignty, democracy, rule of law, human rights) generally or as as they play out in specific institutional and doctrinal contexts.

with presentations by

  • Sujit Choudhry (University of California, Berkeley)

    "Territorial Cleavages and Constitutional Transitions: Political Mobilization, Constitution-Making Process and Constitutional Design"
  • Matej Avbelj (Graduate School of Government and European Studies, Kranj)

    "Ideology on the Courts – Why and How does it Matter?" (together with Janez Šušteršič)
  • Qianfan Zhang (Peking University/ Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin)

    "Social Contract as a Metaconstitution"
  • Michaela Hailbronner (University of Münster)

    "Transformative Constitutionalism: Not Only in the Global South"
  • Philipp Dann (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

    "Democratic Constitutionalism in Continental Polities: Comparing India and the EU"
  • Robert Alexy (University of Kiel)

    "The Necessity of Proportionality in the Application of Constitutional Rights"
  • Kai Möller (London School of Economics and Political Science)

    "Justifying the culture of justification"
  • Alon Harel (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

    "Vox Populi Vox Dei: Populism, Elitism and Private Reason" (together with Ofer Malchai)
  • Alexander Somek (University of Vienna)

    "The real constitution: A reply to James Madison"